Welcome to my website "RANDOMACTOFKINDNESS.NET"


Iím a former teacher, assistant principal and principal. After having been an educator for 30 years I retired.  I began wondering what my real purpose in life was, and it was at this point that I decided I wanted to try and make a positive difference of some sort in the world.

The first thing that came to mind, was to help people by volunteering my time....why not, I had plenty of it.

My goal was to travel around, offering my time and assistance to others.

This website began as a chronicle (for my friends) of my wanderings and the people I helped and met along the way.

It soon became evident that there are a lot of other volunteers out there giving freely of their time and energies. Iím just a small piece of the puzzleÖ.and a very small one at that.

As you read through this website, youíll notice that after awhile, I begin to focus more on what ďothersĒ are doing. I have met countless wonderful people doing amazing things to help make this a better place to live. They are the real heroes of this storyÖnot me. Feel free to clink on the links below in order to jump ahead to recent postings (those after June, 2006) which show less of me and more of the great volunteers I'm presently working with.

Hopefully, the website will also serve as an inspiration and provide ideas for others to go out and "give back" to the community.  After glancing around this site, hopefully some will be encouraged to volunteer their time, perform random acts of kindness and pay forward the nice things that may have been done for them. 

I have also recently added the "Exemplary Service" link below.  This is to recognize those that I come in contact with in a non- volunteering situation that are exemplary at what they do on a daily basis at work or out in the public.

Need to contact me? My email address is on the lower right hand corner of my business card at the top of this page:)

Thanks for looking!!

The story begins.....

NOV. 2005


Iíve been contacted by my former school district and have been asked if Iíd be interested in going back to work for a short period of time in order to help straighten out a mess with scheduling at one of the middle schools and provide some computer in-service.

Looks like Iíve found my first assignment. They are in a bind and Iím about the only one available to help out. Although this assignment is not volunteer, I feel good about it due to the fact that Iím not sure how they would solve the problem without my help, and after all it's only a few days.


Well, now Iím in a quandary. The school district is asking if Iíd be willing to stay on as acting assistant principal until winter break. They are without an AP, and wonít be able to hire one until mid December.

My dilemma is that I really wasn't looking forward to getting back into a job, now that I am retired.  The one thing I have to take into account is that it would be good money, which would help fund my ability to help others, so in effect Iím working for someone down the line.


I went ahead and accepted the position.  Iíll hang in there until the end of the assignment, doing my best for the next five weeks.


Here I am with Cheryl, the new principal....I'm the one on the right.



The Good:  Only a few weeks left.  I'm receiving a lot of positive feedback from everyone at school.  I've also come in contact with a number of former students with children at the school.  It's great to hear how much they enjoyed being in my classroom and how I influenced their lives.  Funny the things they remember.  Situations I felt were somewhat insignificant at the time, but have stayed with them.

The Bad:  I had forgotten the sound of an alarm clock:)

The Ugly:  People pushing and shoving to get into department stores the day following Thanksgiving, in order to save a few dollars!  The greed makes me want to live out in the woods away from it all.


DEC. 2005




Next week is it.  They've hired a new assistant principal, so I won't be returning following winter break.  Just finished one of those weeks.  A sheriff's deputy was called twice.  Once for an irate mother in the front office who didn't want to calm down.  The other occurred a few days earlier after school, when a number of mothers wanted to go at it in the parking lot.  One of the gals was a 75 year old grandma?  And we wonder why there are so many problems in the world.

I have yet to decide what I'll do once this assignment is complete.  I'm guessing I'll take a couple of days off in order to relish my free time before getting on with my volunteering.




Thank goodness for church.  Helps you to remember all of the good out there.  Bring on that final week!



Went up to 6th grade camp this evening....Had a great dinner of "Chicken Chow Mein"....had three servings!  Here are a couple of the chefs, Bob and Leon.




Well, I made it, and in one piece!!  It's now officially vacation time....a long one for me....but I guess that's what retirements all about.

First day off finds me with my hand in a garbage disposal.  I had recently put in a new sink for my former wife, and she got a rag stuck inside.  As I was leaving her house, her garage door opener stopped functioning.  Here I am installing a new one for her the following day.




"Good Karma".....I always replace shopping carts in the spaces provided in a parking lot.  Today I had to walk a good distance in order to find one to place my cart.  Once there, I found $12 laying on the ground.  It was impossible to determine who may have lost it, so I sent the money to the San Diego Rescue Mission.  Remember this the next time you decide to leave your shopping cart in a parking space rather than returning it to the proper area....think of others before leaving your cart in a space someone might be able to park in.  Maybe you'll find some sort of treasure like I did, and the short walk is good for you....sorry to ramble.  One of my pet peeves:(


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